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Women's Circles

group of women


Women’s circles are not new. It’s an ancient ritual that women have been doing for a long time. Women formed circles for birth, during the menstrual cycles, death, and milestone celebrations. Women cooked, sewed together, and took care of each other’s children. This was the tribe!

When women come together and form a circle, we create a sacred space for connection, gathering, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and together we RISE!

Each of us is unique, equal and valued. We honor all paths of life, free of judgment of any kind. We are each responsible for our own spiritual journey. No one can do this journey but you! We are not responsible for fixing each other but comforting and support is all that we need. We laugh, cry, get scared, whatever else shows up, and needs to get processed. Together we heal, release what doesn’t work for us, what keeps us stuck so we can reconnect, restore, reclaim, renew and transform our lives. In circle we witness each other through this beautiful process. Each woman enriches all of us and magic happens!

When we are in circle there is no leader. We are all equal. We all bring our essence to circle. While there needs to be a person to hold a space, the sacred container, I am honored to fill that role.

I invite you to see if women’s circles resonate with you.  I provide training for women who want to facilitate teen girls and women’s circles.  If so, please contact me. Sisterhood is powerful! It's the connection between women! I offer monthly women’s circles.

It’s my intention is to create a tribe of women in our community where woman want to celebrate and step out of their comfort zone. Our circle is a place to have real conversations with women you have never met. It’s a safe and brave place where women can open their hearts, share their stories, knowing they are being held, supported and loved.




Women Empowerment 16-Week Course

This 16-week course will guide women to reconnect, restore, rediscover, and awaken their true self. This course will inspire women to take the journey of exploration, dive deep and heal their wounds. Through healing comes freedom. Through healing a woman can be the powerful woman she was meant to be.

This 16-Week Women Empowerment course is designed for leaders and facilitators that work with teen girls and women. This course provides education, tools, handouts, hands on exercises. I have laid out in detail how to facilitate a group with many templates. I offer training to facilitate these groups.


Week 1 Your Authentic Self
Week 2 Mirror Work, having a relationship with yourself
Week 3 Self Awareness, Self Esteem
Week 4 Boundaries
Week 5 Healthy Relationships
Week 6 Co-Dependency
Week 7 Intimacy
Week 8 Shame
Week 9 Positive Body Image
Week 10 Community Skills
Week 11
Week 12 I Am Enough
Week 13 Create a Vision Board
Week 14 Finish Creating Vision Board
Week 15 Design Empowerment Cards
Week 16 Group Closure, Evaluation Handouts

Art Classes

art classes


As an artist, I have used art to heal many parts of myself and my issues. It has given me insight, clarity and healing.

There is no experience is needed. I invite you to just have fun, have an open heart and give yourself permission to create. Let the magic happen naturally. I will guide you in each class, give you prompts to work with.

I offer online classes: The cost for a class is for instruction only. You will need to provide materials.

I offer in person classes: The cost for a class Includes instruction and materials.

Workshops will be offered in the near future. I offer one day workshops. I offer one day and weekend retreats in the near future.