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"Natasha Burke’s book, I Am Enough, Becoming empowered and celebrating your true self was very informative. I used this book along with living sober and the big book. Her book is part of my recovery and I use it as a diary as well. I have introduced some of the passages in my group which has prompt conversations with others. I highly recommend this book to everyone."
"All women should read I Am Enough, Becoming empowered and celebrating your true self. I never felt that I am worthy, but this book gave me tools to go within and discover my true self. After reading this book I feel more empowered. Thank you, Natasha Burke."
"I was invited to Natasha’s women’s circle in 2019. The group provided a safe place to discuss some of life’s struggles among a few trusting women. I had been “stuck” in a career I wasn’t happy with and had no real direction because my fear of moving on was blocking my path. We discussed personal feelings, self-care, positivity, and exchanged ideas. The encouragement I received from the group led me to feel more confident and energetic. I was
able to look at myself in a better light, reduce the fear, and confirm that I had abilities that could actually reinvent my identity. I am a happier person now, Natasha’s group truly helped."
-Sue Cool