I Got Your Back Girlfriend – Trailer

Hello beautiful ladies. 

Welcome to I Got Your Back Girlfriend. I am your host Natasha Burke, and I am excited to share my podcast with you because it’s my passion and calling to serve and support women.

I wanted to work with women who came from abuse because I knew how women felt, being beaten down and not being in their power.

So I took a 40-hour state mandated course and for three years I facilitated women’s groups. I heard lots of stories. I learned the art of listening. I witnessed women rise from the ashes and reclaim their power back. At the same time,  I was able to heal my wounds around abuse because for the first time, I didn’t feel alone. I knew these women were part of my tribe.

This weekly podcast is designed for women who want to  more self-love, self-confidence feel worthy and enough.  And most important be in your power. I am not a therapist but I share my education, wisdom and stories with you so that you too can feel enough, feel worthy and own your power.

With compassion, I encourage, motivate, guide and inspire you to reawaken your feminine power and restore and rediscover your authentic self.

Ladies, I hear you. I see you. You matter to me and that’s why I created I Got Your Back Girlfriend. Together we rise up. Together we create a tribe where all women own their power. This is my vision for us.

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