Being Stuck
October 13, 2022

Ladies, have you ever been stuck in life? Do you know why you are stuck?

I would like to share one of the areas where I have been stuck.
I was stuck 2017. It was one of the worst years of my life. My stepson committed suicide, there was a fire where I live and had to evacuate for a week and then there was the Las Vegas shooting which my daughter was at.

Three major things happened that year which caused me lots of anxiety and a bit of depression. My anxiety was so bad that I had to address it and started doing EMDR work once again to help me get unstuck.

I have dealt with my stepson’s suicide but not the Las Vegas shooting. I wasn’t ready. The end of last year I did intense work around visually seeing where the shooting was, my daughter, the people being shot at and the sounds of gun firing. The first session was so intense. I was shaking convulsively, and my therapist just stayed with me, reassuring me and at that first season, I saw the place where the shooting happened. This was progress. I couldn’t go deeper at that time, but it was okay. I finally allowed pandoras box to open.

The second session in my mind I saw the shooting, my daughter, the sound of gun firing. It was so intense and after 50 minutes of this intense session, there was a shift. I felt lighter. And for the first time in a very long time, I was able to feel joy. This was huge because I have felt so heavy for so long.

The gift I gave myself as I finally dealt with the fear and anxiety was a huge shift in me. I still have anxiety around the shooting and my daughter but it’s different. I have to remind myself, that was the past. My daughter is safe. I have to be mindful of being in the present moment on a daily basis.

When you are stuck in the past it can lead to being in a rut and stagnant. You can’t move forward in life and what is ahead for you in the future. One thing that keeps you stuck is repetitive thinking about past events. When you are stuck, It’s hard for you to get worked up or excited about anything and this may cause you to become depressed.

If you are stuck in a rut, you are living your life muted. You only see things through the lens of black and white instead of vivid colors. It’s all in our perception and this is what needs to be changed so that you can see through the lens of vivid colors.

If you keep reminiscing about the past you can’t live your life in the present. If those memories of the past are holding you back from being in the now, I invite you to look within and see what areas of the past you are holding onto and have not healed. It’s in the healing can get you unstuck.

Please don’t let your past prevent you from living in the present moment. You‘re on this planet to live your life to the fullest.
It seems so simple yet, if we don’t heal wounds from the past, we stay stuck. It’s important to heal your wounds and your fears so you can live freely in the present.

If you are stuck in a rut, your life will gradually spiral downward, which can affect all aspects of your life. I know, this happened to me. At the time I didn’t know it but as I look back, I was spiraling downward. It was a dark place to be in.
Have you ever felt like you don’t have a purpose in life in anything you do? In order to enjoy any form of work, you need to have a sense that what you do is rewarding or stimulating.

Ask yourself this question: Are you growing or learning new skills in the work you do? If the answer is no, you may feel stagnant and it’s time to look for new roles or take on new learning opportunities.

If you stay in a situation because you believe there is nothing else out there, ladies I am here to tell you it’s a poor excuse to stay stuck somewhere because you don’t think there are other alternatives. There are always alternatives. I invite you to open your mind and your heart and explore other opportunities. If you can see what else is out there, then you can give yourself different options to choose from. You have the power to change what isn’t working.

Her is another question for you. Why do you live in the past?

If you are living in the past, you may not be living in the present. It could be you live in the past because you are afraid of what might happen in the future. There is a possibility you might be fearful of your future. You may find yourself feeling anxious about what may happen in the future, and you rob yourself from all the new and exciting things that life offers you.

I invite you to go deep and look at the fears that keep you stuck in the past. Face them and heal them one by one so that you can move forward and not stay stuck. Perhaps your pain from the past prevents you from fully living your life. Ladies, it’s time to heal those past wounds.

So, how would one avoid getting stuck in the past?

Make clear goals. If you don’t have goals, there is nowhere to go. You don’t have purpose. It’s important to have purpose in life.

Try to avoid repetition unless it works for you. If repetition doesn’t work for you, you can’t get different results without doing something different. I invite you to do something different and see how this feels. It may feel scary, but it’s okay. Don’t let the fear hold you back.

It’s important to create the right environment.
Try hanging out with different people, visit new places and try different things to help you become the person you were meant to be. You were not meant to be stuck nor live in the past. The past is gone. It’s the memory that keeps you stuck. It truly can paralyze you if you allow it to.

Try new things in the areas where you are stuck, even if it’s a small thing. This makes a difference to help you get unstuck.

Be open to new ideas. If you are stuck, you can’t allow the information that is needed to explore new ideas or do new things in your life. Sometimes if you just sit still and quiet your mind, things will come to you. You have to pay attention though.

If you are with people who are holding you back especially those who are stuck in the past, it’s important to let them go. Life is too short to spend time with people who don’t support you and your life. Spend time with people who are aligned with you.

Well ladies, I hope this topic on being stuck has helped you to look at where you may be stuck. You were not meant to live life feeling stuck. You are meant to be bold, shine bright and be your authentic self. Most importantly, live in the present. There is so many opportunities and blessings that come through you every day if you pay attention.

It’s no easy task to be unstuck, but ladies you are so worth it. You deserve to live your life freely without holding back. Own your power. The world needs you to show up as the powerful woman that you are.