Mission Statement

Our mission is to support, guide and empower women. My vision is to see women around the world become their powerful self.

Women want to be heard. Women want to be seen. Women want to use their voice. All women need to feel that they are worthy and that they are enough. I Got Your Back Girlfriend has created a platform where women can be a part of a tribe. It’s a place where women can connect with other women, share themselves with an open heart without judgment, competition and comparison. We bring women together to inspire, uplift, be empowered and become the best version of ourselves. The truth is, we are born to show up in life big, bold and soar. Together we can do anything. When we support each other through life, our world is a better place.


"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women."
- Maya Angelou

Natasha Burke