16-Week Women’s Empowerment Course


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I Got Your Back Girlfriend provides education and tools for emotional and spiritual growth. In guiding teenager girls and women, they will explore their wholehearted and empowered self. In sharing their stories, connecting with others, doing inner work, and deepen their journey of self-discovery. Each girl and woman will find her own voice and be the powerful woman she is!

I designed a 16-week Women Empowerment Course for women to facilitate teen girls and women’s groups.

Chapters included in this 172-page Women Empowerment 16-Week Course:

Chapter 1 Your Authentic Self
Chapter 2 Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Chapter 3 I Am Enough
Chapter 4 Positive Body Image
Chapter 5 Self-Compassion
Chapter 6 Self-Love Cards
Chapter 7 Forgiveness
Chapter 8 Shame
Chapter 9 Anger
Chapter 10 Communication Skills
Chapter 11 Co-Dependency
Chapter 12 Healthy Relationships
Chapter 13 Boundaries
Chapter 14 Mirror Work, Having A Relationship With Yourself
Chapter 15 Gratitude Cards
Chapter 16 Closure
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