Written by Natasha Burke, February 23, 2018

What are your core beliefs? Are you beliefs formed based on other people’s beliefs? Does your belief system enrich your life or cause you pain and suffering?

Belief systems come from external influences such as religion, political system, society, family, parents, relatives, friends, peers, mentors, employers, media and others. Your belief system is fundamentally how you approach your life.


Think back as far as you can at something someone said that you continue to hold as part of your belief. Is this belief something you truly believe about yourself? Is this belief something that gets in the way of living your life to it’s fullest?

I invite you to go within and discover where some of your beliefs stem from and if they don’t resonate with the you, then it’s time to replace with a new belief in order to live the life you really want.

Check in with yourself and see how this belief makes you feel. How does this belief work in all aspects of your life?

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